lunedì 26 marzo 2018

Review EOS New Adult Green [SPONSORED by PinkyParadise]

Hi guys!

I recently made a new collaboration with a popular lenses shop called PinkyParadise, I'm sure many of you already heard of it!
This is also the shop where I bought my first pair of circle lenses, back in 2013 if I'm not wrong, aww such memories!
The pair of lenses I'm going to review is called "EOS New Adult Green"; maybe you already noticed that I've got different colors from this brand: well, it is my favorite one ever! All the colors are so bright, the design is just perfect for fictional and anime characters in particular so I was really curious about the green shade and I wasn't disappointed at all by it!
Let's proceed with some photos:

(comparison with my natural eye color)

(both lenses on natural light)

(both lenses with flash)

(full cosplay effect: do you like my 002? =^^=)

Sooo, I'm REALLY satisfied with these ones!

                                                                OVERALL RATING:
Color: 5/5
Design: 5/5
Comfort: 5/5
Enlargement: 5/5

What else can I say? The EOS New Adult serie is just perfect for cosplays! Obviously, they will not give you a natural look at all, this is for sure. xD
I totally recommend you to buy these for your favorite characters, they also come in different shades such as: Grey, Blue, Violet, Pink, Gold.
The service was really good too, so I suggest you to buy from them, they've got a wide choice of lenses for your looks~
See you next time! 

venerdì 26 gennaio 2018


Hi guys!

Hope you are doing well, today I want to review a new pair of violet lenses I got from one of my favorite shops ever, I'm obviously talking about Geo Coloured Lenses.

The lenses I'm gonna talk about in this page are called "GEO Angel Violet", as always I will first show you some photos I took while wearing them and then I'll proceed with the overall rating!

IMPORTANT: If you want you can use my code "nymphahri" to get a 10% discount off your orders!

(comparison with only one lens on)

(both lenses on natural light)

(both lenses with camera flash)

(full face with lenses on and natural light)

Color: 3/5
Unfortunately these lenses are not super bright on my natural dark brown eyes.
Design: 4/5
Comfort: 5/5
Enlargement: 4/5
They are surely good for cosplays, the enlargement isn't exaggerate, but it isn't natural too.

giovedì 4 gennaio 2018

BNHA Uraraka & Tsuyu wigs review [SPONSORED BY BHINER COSPLAY]

Hi guys!
After a really long time I'm back again with a new wig review; but this time I'm going to review two amazing wigs together.
Both of them were kindly sponsored by Bhiner Cosplay; first of all let me explain what it is.
Bhiner is an agent who helps you order from Taobao, a popular chinese site which sells a lot of high quality and cheap products for cosplays. To order from it you need to contact a seller in China, so this is why Bhiner exist: to help you making it easier! I'm really happy I could start a collaboration with them, the items I received are just perfect and the same as the photos. They are really kind: everytime the items arrive they send you some photos of how they look before sending them to you!
But now let's start!
The items I received are Uraraka and Tsuyu's wigs, two popular characters from Boku no Hero Academia. Here's some photos of how they look:

(I also received two wig caps and a cute little hand mirror!)
(Tsuyu's wig)
(as you can see the wig has both green and black fibers, so the color is really dark: it's just perfect for this character!)
(the bangs are already styled: obviously is always better to adjust them anyway!)

And now let's proceed with Uraraka's wig:

(OMG this is just so accurate! What else can I say?)

(the color is the same as Uraraka's hair, the bob is so cute and fluffy tho!)

(even here the bangs are already styled, I think that in this case you can leave them like this, they're super okay ^^)

As I already said I'm totally satisfied with this collab! I really hope to make more of them so I can show you other amazing items to cosplay your favorite characters in the best way :D

                                                            OVERALL RATING:
Quality: 5/5
I mean guys: the quality of these wigs is really amazing, they are soft and they don't tangle at all!
Color: 5/5
The colors of both of them are 100% accurate.
Service: 5/5
The staff is so kind and always available!
Final rating: 4.5/5
I didn't give 5 out of 5 just for one little thing: when Bhiner sent me the photos of the wigs the Tsuyu's ones included her bow, but when I received the package it wasn't there, so I was a little disappointed by that and that's the reason why I couldn't give them a full rating. Other than that I loved everything about the service and what I received!

Be sure to follow them also on Facebook and Instagram and feel free to mention me or my blog if you want to order something from them!~
Hope this review was useful for you guys, see you next time! =^^=

giovedì 24 agosto 2017

GEO Morning glory Grey lenses review [SPONSORED BY GEO COLOURED LENSES]

Hello everyone!
Here's my new review for Geo Coloured Lenses, one of the most popular sites for buying circle lenses!
The model I'm going to review is called Morning Glory Grey, I never tried this one before and this is also my first pair of grey lenses ever, so let's discover them together. ^^


(comparison with and without lenses)

(both lenses on natural light)

(both lenses with camera flash)

(lenses with full makeup)

I hope you liked the photos, I have to say that I literally love these lenses and I'm fully satisfied with the model and the color as well! Let's proceed with the OVERALL RATING:
Color: 5/5
Even if I have dark eyes they are fully visible and the coverage is very good.
Comfort: 4/5
They are very comfy despite being so big.
Design: 5/5
Enlargement: 5/5
My eyes looks way bigger even with a natural looking make-up, they are perfect for cosplays about big eyed characters!

I totally recommend this shop, the service is perfect and I was treated very kindly.
Go buy from them if you need circle lenses! =^^=
Uoi can find them also on FacebookInstagramTumblr and Pinterest.

domenica 6 agosto 2017


Hi guyss!

Here we are with a new preview, this time I'm not talking about lenses but wigs instead; in particular I'm talking about the perfect wig for the character Tohru from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, one of the cutest anime of 2017 *^*

The wig was sponsored by Cosplay Buzz, I'm so happy to write this review because they were so kind with me and the product I received is actually perfect!

When I opened the package I found a useful hairnet, I always use it when I have to wear wigs and it helps me a lot with the final result. I always suggest to use one under your wigs!

The wig is composed by a short wig, which is the base, and two ponytails. As the characters itself, the wig is long 100 cm (38").

The color is a mix between a light orange and yellow, like the actual Tohru's color, and it fades to a beautiful magenta with some orange tufts.

I was positively surprised by its softness, the quality is very high and you can feel it with your own hands!

Also, this product is heat resistant so you can style it as you want.

I'm genuinely satisfied with this one, so I totally recommend you to buy this wig if Tohru is one of your next projects. =^^=

Here's some photos!

RATING: 10/10

mercoledì 2 agosto 2017

ASHLEY-S BROWN circle lenses review [SPONSORED by Klenspop]

Hello guys!

How are you spending your holidays? I'm back from my first summer convention, and I'm so satisfied about it, I wish I could turn back time. T.T
Today I'm gonna review the Ashley-S Brown lenses from Klenspop (thank you again for the collab!).
I never heard of these lenses before, so now I'm gonna tell you about my personal experience with them.
First of all the service was really good, the admins were so kind and they always answered me pretty fast.

Let's start with some photos!

(the box was so cute and colorful!)

(comparison with and without lenses on natural light)

(both lenses on natural light)

(both lenses with camera flash)

Okay, so, based on their name I expected some brown lenses with a natural "kpop" look, but what I received is more greenish than brown, expecially on my eyes. In fact, they're really light as you can see from the photo of the lenses in the case.

                                                             OVERALL RATING
Comfort: 4/5
Design: 3/5
Color: 2.5/5
I would give this rating only because of their name, I think that someone buying this model would prefer a darker look than this one!
Naturalness: 4/5
They're always circle lenses, so they're pretty noticeable, but they're also good for a everyday look in my opinion.
Enlargement: 2/5
The difference is not much, but that doesn't mean that this is a negative thing! Sometimes natural is way better.

Thanks you for reading, see you at the next review! =^^=

mercoledì 28 giugno 2017

Avenue Solotica Mel Honey review [SPONSORED BY SOFTLENS QUEEN]

Here we are with a new review about lenses!
This time I tried a pair of lenses a little bit different from my usual ones...I'm talking about the Solotica "Mel Honey", that were gently sponsored to me by Softlens Queen!

This kind of lenses is perfect for a "everyday life" look, they change your natural eye color without looking too fake (I mean, like the circle lenses, in fact they are good for cosplays only most of the time).
I decided to try them because I was way too curious, I really wanted to know how I look like with light eyes, and the effect is formidable. Here's some pics to let you see the result:

(comparison with and without lenses on)

(both lenses on natural light)

(both lenses with camera flash)
(full look with lenses on)

Don't you think they look super cute
I find them very natural on me, I went out in my city with those lenses on and people asked me if they were my natural eyes because the color was so bright but also very beautiful! 

                                                          OVERALL RATING
Comfort: 5/5
Design: 4/5
Color: 4/5 
Naturalness: 4/5
If you stare at them for a while you will notice that the color is maybe very bright and a less natural than a normal light green, but they still do their job very well.
Enlargement: 1/5
The color fades a bit, but they just want to change your iris color so that's a good thing for them to not enlarge your eyes.

I totally recommend this shop, they have a lot of natural lenses like these ones but also circle lenses that are good for "cosplay and k-pop looks". 
Check them out!